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Get your ROC Compliance Filing in just 10 days

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    • Expert Assistance
    • Complete online process
    • End-to-end compliance solution
    • Track application status

    Get your ROC Compliance Filing in just 10 days

    File Your ROC Online Quickly!

    File Your ROC Online Quickly!

    Get your ROC Compliance

    Filing in just 10 days

    • Expert Assistance
    • Complete online process
    • End-to-end compliance solution
    • Track application status

    SAVE 60% COST..!!!

      ROC Compliance Filing

      What is ROC Compliance?

      ROC stands for Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate affairs which deals with an administration of the Companies Act, 2013. ROC has been allocate under the section 609 of companies act sheathing the various states and union territories are placed with the prime duty of registering companies and LLPs floating in respective states and the union territories and make sure that such companies and LLPs comply with statutory requirements under the act.

      The office of ROC associate as a registry records, connected to the companies registered with them, which are available for an inspection by the members of the public on payment of a prescribed fee. Furthermore, there are currently 22 Registrars of companies (ROC) who are managing from offices in all the major states of India.

      It is foremost to comply with all the compliance applicable to your company to avoid fines and penalties.

      What are the essential documents required to File ROC?

      The following mentioned documents are required to be submitted while filing a ROC Compliance:-

      Form MGT-7-Annual Return

      • Registered office details of the company, principal business activities particulars of its holdings, and associate companies
      • Debentures, share and other securities and shareholding guide
      • Indebtedness
      • Debenture holders and members along with changes
      • Directors, promoters, key managerial personnel with changes
      • Meeting with members
      • Director’s remuneration and key managerial personnel
      • Punishment or penalty imposed on the company, its officers or director and details imposed on the company of offenses as well as appeals made against such punishment/penalty
      • Certification of compliances matters
      • A pattern of shareholding of the company and such other matters as required in the form

      Form AOC-4- Financial Statements and Other Documents

      Mainly all the companies file their financial statements and relevant attachments using Form AOC-4 every year. The adopted financial statements of the company must be filed within 30 days of the date of AGM.

      On the other side,, if the company needs to revise the financial statements or Board’s report then revised financial statements can also be filed using form AOC-4.

      Some document required for ROC Filing:-

      • Balance sheet
      • Profit and loss account
      • Cost audit report
      • Annual return

      What is the procedure to file a ROC Compliance?

      You will get complete guidance from our professionals who explain the procedure for filing up ROC Compliance. So here is the procedure for filing annual accounts and an annual return of the company could be understood from the following process:-

      • Hold a Board meeting, concerning Validate the auditor for producing the financial statements as per schedule III of the companies act, 2013.
      • Identifying the director or company secretary for preparation of the board’s report and annual return as per the companies act, 2013.
      • Hold a separate Board Meeting for accepting the draft financial statements, board report, and annual return by the directors of the company.
      • Supervise the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company and plot the necessary resolutions. Financial statements could be reviewed as the final only when the same resolution is approved by the shareholders in a general meeting.

      What are the benefits to file ROC Compliance?

      • Save penalty:- Filing up all the required forms on time for regular compliances and special compliances saves a penalty of up to 12 times of normal fee.
      • Safe from strike off:- Regular annual compliance provision you from an action now a days taking by ROC to strike off companies who have not to file annual compliance for the last 2 years and accordingly, provision Directors disqualification from other companies and the legal penal provisions under companies act 2013. as the restoration or activation of company name cost Lakhs to the company.
      • Maintaining company status active:- Regular compliance helps to main the company’s status active on the ROC portal and up to date that helps the company in different business activities like taking finance, tender, third-party inspection, etc.
      • Company legal provision

      Maintaining up-to-date Minutes, statutory Register, Board Resolutions, Issue share certificate on time, and stamping of share certificates is a basic requirement for a company to keep up to date as per the company act and rules.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Compliance is normally determined as a complying of laws, rules, and regulations of India.

      The companies Act 2013 and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

      Put together the structured filing of annual forms and event-based other forms with ROC.

      Post incorporation ROC Compliances for a Private Limited are as followed:-

      • Paint or affix the name of a company and address of its registered office outside the office
      • Open a bank account
      • Appoint auditor within 30 days of incorporation
      • Hold an annual general meeting every financial year
      • Prepare and file annual financials with ROC.

      Post incorporation ROC Compliances for LLP are as follow:-

      • File an LLP agreement
      • Get rubber stamp and letterhead printed
      • Make PAN and TAN application
      • Open a new Bank account
      • Auditor appointment, if essential

      Filling LLP Annual Return

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