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What is the Society Registration Online?

A society is a kind of association of particular individuals combined using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern, and act cooperatively for some cooperative purpose. Societies are generally registered for the furtherance of charitable activities like sports, culture, religion, art, education, etc.

Society Registration under the Society Registration Act in India frame defined procedures for the welfare of society registration and operation. This act was executed with the motive of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the advancement of literature, science, fine arts, or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes.

The Society Registration Act, 1860 has been welcomed by the different state governments without or with additional amendments.

What is the procedure for Society Registration?

The procedure for Society Registration online under the society Registration Act includes the following:-

  • The name of the society will be distinct and not similar to the certified society as per the guidelines of the Indian Society Act. The name will be commonly agreed and admitted by all the members of society. No title will be excluded under statutory provisions of any act nor will be violating a requirement of any law.
  • After selecting the title, the society will have a memorandum of association that outlines the rules and regulations to cohere to by the society and its members. The protocol will be signed and attested by the members along with the witness by oath commissioner, first-class magistrate, and notary with their stamp and complete address.
  • Apply accompanying with the following-stated documents(Two copies of each document) to the Registrar of the society of the associated state with the authority for society registration. Authority will sign the first copy as a confirmation and will return the second copy to the applicant on permission. After getting the receipt of the request, the Registrar will examine the demand for its accuracy and on support will allot the Certificate of Registration by designating the registration number on it.

What are the mandatory documents required for Register a Society in India?

  • PAN Card – The PAN Card of all the members of the proposed society has to be submitted along with the application.
  • The residence proof, Bank statement, Aadhaar Card, Utility Bill, driving license, passport.
  • Memorandum of Association which has to be prepared that may contain the following information and clauses:-
  • The details of the members who are forming the society
  • It will contain the address of the registered office of the society
  • The objective and work of the society for which it is being formed.
  • Bye-laws:- The Bye-laws of the society are reviewed as the constitution of the society and it restrains the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee members which include its President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer. It also defines the qualification of the members, term and termination, eligibility, and all other processes for the functioning of the society are mentioned in the Bye-laws.

How much is the applicability of Tax exemption?

It is a normal notion that society does not require to pay tax as they work for the welfare of the public at large. But this is completely not true. A society, like other legal entities, is liable to pay tax. In order to be exempted from tax, society is required to attain a certificate for the said exemptions such as Section 12A, 80G, etc. From the income tax authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Society can have any number of members. There is no prescribed limit according to the Societies Registration Act. Hence, the minimum number of employees can be 7 members.

The property of society vest is in the name of the society and the same can be sold as per the terms defined in the bye-laws of the society (e.g approval from the Executive Committee Member)

General Body of a society consisting of all the members who have subscribed to the memorandum of the organization.

No, members of society are not authorized to profit earned by the organization in any form.

Yes, a government servant is eligible to become a trustee in an Indian trust.

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