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Get your Brand Trademark as a (TM)

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  • Expert Assistance
  • Complete online process
  • End-to-end compliance solution
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    • Expert Assistance
    • Complete online process
    • End-to-end compliance solution
    • Track application status

    Get your Brand Trademark as a (TM) in 24 Hours!

    Register Your Trademark Online Quickly!


    SAVE 60% COST..!!!

      How To Apply A Trademark Registration?

      Registering a Trademark is quick, easy, and can be done online with Entrepreneurcell in 3 simple steps:

      Step 1

      We help you in Trademark Search and Class Advice for your brand

      Step 2

      We draft and file the TM Application required for registration

      Step 3

      Tracking and updating regarding TM status until the certificate received


      What is a trademark?

      In simple words, a trademark is a brand or logo which depicts your business. A visual symbol like a word signature, device, name, label, numerals, or combination of colors used by the owner of the trademark for goods and services or any other articles of commerce to differentiate it from other goods and services arising from different businesses.
      A trademark could be a symbol, logo, word, wrapper, brand name, packaging labels, tagline, or a combination of all these which are used by manufacturer or services providers in order to identify their own products or services. It can also be sued to distinct the owners’ products or services from those of its competitors.

      For example, Coca-cola and Pepsi are the two trademarks from the same industry which are distinctively identify the origin of the goods as well as an indication of quality.
      Trademarks are registered under the Trademark Act,1999.

      Why choose Trademark Registration Incorporation in India?

      Trademark registration will provide the complete rights to the owner to use it for its products and services. It also provides a legal right to initiate an action against the third party in case of infringement of the trademark. A trademark is capable of differentiating the goods or services of one person from those of others and includes the shape of goods, their packaging, and also a combination of colors.

      Value assets

      A brand might prove to be a valuable asset for your business. These assets keep on admiring over time. As your business grows over time, the value of the trademark acquires scalability automatically. So, if your business grows, the value of your trademark also grows.

      Provides uniqueness to brand

      A brand that is unique and different must be registered as every business needs a brand or a logo that is completely different from the others. Moreover, a registered trademark gives you a unique identity to your brand.

      Easy for customers to find

      A Trademark Registration makes it easy for customers to find the product they are seeking for. As it is an effective tool in its identity, the trademark that is registered can be easily traceable and customers may reach out to the products in a convenient way.

      Easy communication tool

      Trademark may prove to be an effective and efficient communication tool. A registered trademark can be conveniently recognized which brand your product belongs to.

      Trademark is forever

      Once your trademark is registered it last for eternity. The trademark registered by any firm endure with them endlessly. It is essential to get the renewal of your trademark after 10 years. Hence the identity will remain unique forever.

      Which are the symbols of trademark and its usages?


      R Symbol

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      Trade Mark

      TM Symbol

      This symbolizes that the trademark has not still registered, but an application for the same is pending. It is build to warn third parties in order to avoid infringing upon the same. There is no specific legal significance as such because the application has not still approved by the authorities.

      Social Media

      SM Symbol

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      Which documents are required to fill the trademark application?

      1. An authorization letter that is appropriately signed by you authorizes us to file for trademark registration on behalf of you. After receiving the authorization letter, we begin with the preparation of your documents, file the application online, and also pay for it. Shortly, you will receive the confirmation of the application, and you will get the authority to use the (TM) symbol.

      2. Here is the list of documents required to Fill up for the trademark registration are as follows:-

      • Applicant’s name
      •  Business type
      • Business objectives
      •  Brand/logo name
      •  Registration address
      •  Identity and business proofs

      3. Using logo with tagline

      4. Form 48 – On behalf of you, an attorney is approved to file for the trademark application with the Trademark registrar. 

      Your Trusted Business Advisor

      Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler as you

      Why Choose EntrepreneurCell for Trademark Registration?

      EntrepreneurCell is the leading and trustworthy company which provides progressive services to get trademark registration in very easy steps. We committed to providing the following strategies to every business owner are as follow:-

      • Easy and simple to do trademark Registration
      • Full and extensive support in filling up Trademark Application
      • All the returns will be filed in a proper manner
      • Restrain through the whole registration procedure
      • Answers for all your questions and concerns

      These are some of our commitments join hands with us to know more about our services and start-up your any kind of business in very less time and come in the market soon with full-on potential.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A. A trademark can be renewed in India occasionally for an unlimited time period on the basis of payment of the renewal fees, failing which mark becomes responsible to be removed from the Register of trademarks. Each renewal term is for 10 years. Here we showed the procedure for filling up an application for renewal of a trademark in India as follow:-

      • Request to renew a trademark in India required to be filed within six months before the expiry of the registration/ renewal term if followed by the requisite renewal fees on the authorized form.
      • Request to renew a trademark in India also need to be filed nearly in the six months after the expiry of the registration/renewal term if followed by the requisite late renewal fees on the authorized form.

      A. The trademark ought to be an important asset for your business and present the goodwill generated.

      • it stimulates further purchases
      • It might enables the consumers to make a lifestyle or fashion statement.

      A. Yes a power of attorney is essential to complete the application procedure.


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