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    Udyam (MSME) Registration

    What is Udyam Registration?

    Udyam Registration is a simple and easy process for all units which are eligible to get covered under the new concept of MSME’s provided by the Government of India. Now, Udyog Aadhar Registration will be considered as Udyam Registration.

    Every start-up and MSME (Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise) company gets useful perks of the various schemes launched by the Government by getting themselves registered under New MSME Legislations.

    EntrepreneurCell is providing specialists services for MSME Registration:-

    • Verification of data: Close check-up of all the submitted files
    • MSME Registration can be done by the corporation of the following sizes:-
    1. Medium
    2. Small
    3. Micro
    • Under the MSME Act, these small businesses get various incentives such as:
    1. Priority sector lending
    2. Capital investment
    3. Tax exemptions
    • To get these benefits to register with MSME is now become easy with EntrepreneurCell which will assist you with complete guidance and get approval from the department in an easy way.

    Eligibility of Udyam Registration:-

    The eligibility of Udyam Registration which are as follows:-

    • You are a sole proprietor which means you are an individual owner of your business
    • You have a partnership company with the other associate party
    • You own a One Person Company(OPC)
    • You are a part of a limited liability partnership
    • You have a production company that produce materials
    • You own a private limited company
    • You own a co-operative society
    • You are working with an association with other people.

    Documentation of Udyam Registration:-

    • The Aadhar number must be of the proprietor in the case of proprietorship firm, and it should be of the managing partner in the case of a partnership firm.
    • In the case of a Limited Liability Partnership or a Company or a Cooperative Society or a Trust, the organization or its authorized signature would be provided its PAN along with its Aadhar number.
    • In case of an organization that has to be suitably registered as an Udyam with PAN, if there is any shortage of information for the previous years when it did not have PAN card should be fill up on a self-declaration premise.

    Sample Udyam Registration Certificate

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    Why Choose EntrepreneurCell for Udyam Registration?

    EntrepreneurCell is the leading and trustworthy company which provides progressive services to get Udyam registration in very easy steps. We committed to providing the following strategies to every business owner are as follow:-

    • Easy and simple to get Udyam Registration and get Udyam Registration Certificate.
    • Full and extensive support in filling up Udyam online application
    • All the documents will be filed in a proper manner
    • Restrain through the whole registration procedure
    • Answers for all your questions and concerns

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A. Udyam Registration Certificate is an e-certificate, which is being issued after the completion of the registration process.

    A. Yes, any kind of business can apply for Udyam registration to be get registered.

    A. Yes, for Udyam registration, the Aadhar number is an essential number.

    A. Yes, surely Udyam registered borrowers get collateral-free loans from the financial institutions.


    The government has commenced paperless work, so no physical copy will be issued.

    A. While MSME Registration is not compulsory, it is always advisable for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise to get the MSME Registration. It helps them to use various benefits under the MSME Act.

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