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Proprietorship Firm Registration Process

It is very easy and simple to register a Proprietorship Firm Registration with the below mentioned steps.

Our experts will help you in understanding your business structure.

Step 1

Our experts will file the application according to the requirements.

Step 2

After successful filing, registration certificate will be granted.

Step 3

What is a Sole Proprietorship Registration?

A Sole Proprietorship is an unincorporated business owned particularly by one person. It is not a legal entity but a description of a kind of business, so there are no formal papers to file to create one. This registration can be identified by a GST Registration. It is known as the ‘GST Registration For Proprietorship’. The liability of Sole Proprietorship Firm Registration is unlimited and doesn’t have any perpetual existence. Moreover, With a sole proprietorship, the business and individual are the same.

Advantages of Sole Proprietorship :

  • Register sole proprietorship is the most easiest and cost-effective form of business to be set up and operate.
  • With a sole proprietorship, you have full ownership as you are the 100% owner of your business and get to make all the decisions individually.
  • It is ideal for start-ups, self-employed contractors, part-time, and home-based businesses.
  • It is much simpler to operate from a tax and accounting perspective because you don’t need to file a separate business tax return, all generated income from the business is reported on your personal tax form.

Sole Proprietorship Documents Required :

Are you willing to start your own business? If yes, then here is the checklist of documents required to fill up the application for Proprietorship Firm Registration:-

PAN card and Aadhar card photo

Address Proof- Electricity Bill and Rent Agreement

Checklist line of Documents essential to open a new bank account for Proprietorship Registration :

Proof of the recent establishment of your business

Shops and Establishment Act/MSME/GST Registration

Photocopy of PAN card

Address proof(electricity bill/telephone bill)

Identity proof(Aadhar card/driving license)

Procedure for Incorporation of Sole Proprietorship Firm:

A sole proprietorship doesn’t require any specific registration, but it is good advice for the owner to get some necessary registrations for the better operational functioning of the firm. The given list shows the required registration for the firm:-

MSME Registration :  It is not mandatory to get an MSME(Small and Medium Enterprise) registration, but it boosts the chances of the business to get leans and helps in other legal matters. The MSME registration can be applied through the online registration process on MSME official website.

Shop and Establishment Act License : It is not essential for all sole proprietorship firms but almost all of the firms have to acquire this licence, as per the local rule and regulations of the region of a business. The Shop and Establishment License is issued by the municipal corporation. It depends on the number of working employees, and it varies from state to state.

Goods and Services Tax(GST) Registration : It is essential if the annual turnover is more than Rs 20 Lakh and Rs 10 Lakh for businesses running in Northeastern states like Manipur, Nagaland etc. GST Registration is important for an online business or also for e-commerce portals such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, and much more. GST registration is to help the business owner to keep his/her taxation in record throughout all the transactions made in the name of the proprietorship firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. To register a proprietorship firm can be done with any amount of minimum capital.

A. An Indian citizen with a current account in the name of his/her business can be a sole proprietorship. Registration is not that much necessary, it depends on what kind of business is planned to be established.

A. Proprietorship firms are the business entity that is owned, managed, and controlled by only a single person. So, Proprietorship firms cannot issue shares or have investors.

A. The assets and liabilities for the proprietor and the proprietorship are the same. The PAN card of the proprietor as well as proprietorship are the same. Furthermore, the firm has no separate legal identity.

A. Yes, it is possible but the process is complicated. A business operated by proprietorship can never be transfer to another person, like a limited liability proprietorship or a Private Limited company. Only the assets in proprietorship can be transferred to another person using a sale option. Intangible assets include registrations, government approvals and much more cannot be transferred.

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